Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Town of Pemangkat

Jalan Moh Hammbal, looking toward "Gunung Gajah" hill. There is a temple on the hill.

Jalan Moh Hammbal
(The main street of Pemangkat)

Kantor Polisi (Sheriff's office)

Jalan Moh Hammbal (This is the main street of Pemangkat)

Used to be a theater. There were 2 theaters in pemangkat, since satellite dish, pirated VCD, karaoke so affordable, the only two theaters couldn't compete with them. The town seem dying. Pemangkat is losing its golden age era. Every body try hard to get out of the town.
First they send their kids out to bigger city such as Jakarta, Kuching, Taiwan, Australia for education, work or anything, then they will follow. I can hardly find my old friends, 9 of 10 of my friends had moved to bigger city.

Used to be my swimming pool. It is polluted now, black and smelly.
Looks like there are no development in Pemangkat since last 17 years. Things are getting worse and worse, in most part there are no running water, the town getting dirty and dirtier.

Another corner of Jalan Mohhammad Hambal.

Here another corner of Pemangkat, this picture was taken from in front of Cemara Hotel.

"Jong Kie" Chow Pan (fried rice noodle), is known by most of Chinese community in Pemangkat, used to be his father, I think he is Jong Kie's oldest son. The taste still the same. Local made soya sauce and (pig)pork's fat, home made rice noodle, home made chili sauce, cook with fire from wood and wrap with kind of leaf from "Gunung gajah", it is fit in every pemangkat Chinese's mouth. Was told that their wok was made from the cover of oil barrel.

Pasar babi (pig market), well, here where you
can buy pork. You wont find beef here, you have to go to the other market to find beef.

Town of Pemangkat continue

"Shin Mu Nyiong" is the temple on the "Gunung Gajah" which believed to guards and watch the town of Pemangkat, especially for those Chinese who believe in "Pai Shin". They believe it guards the fishermen on the sea, guards the town and its citizen.

Steps to the temple on the "Gunung Gajah"

Pemangkat view from the temple on the Hill.

A view on Jalan Gereja

Catholic church.

The market

Other corner of Jalan Moh Hambal.